About Us

Lviv Initiative Group Alpbach is an NGO under Ukrainian law and a Member of the Forum Alpbach Network (FAN) that includes over 30 Alpbach Clubs and Initiative Groups in over 20 countries.

What is European Forum Alpbach?

Every year since 1945, the “European Forum Alpbach” has been held in the Tyrolian mountain village of Alpbach. For almost three weeks Alpbach becomes the village of thinkers or, as Otto Molden, the founder of the Forum, called it, the “other magic mountain”. Speakers and participants from all parts of the world, from science, economics and politics, experienced experts and students, come together in Alpbach to discuss the current issues and to formulate interdisciplinary solutions. The open character of the events promotes a climate of tolerance for different opinions and contributes to the overcoming of national, ideological and disciplinary boundaries in a harmonius way. Since its inception, more than 3,000 people from over 50 countries have taken up the invitation to participate in the European Forum Alpbach. Participation is open to all those who are interested, and the events are carried out in the German or the English language.

The programme of the European Forum Alpbach is divided into three main parts:

Seminar Week

Up to fourteen seminars are dedicated to various scientific disciplines. One aspect of the theme is discussed with renowned scientists in each seminar over six half-days.

Alpbach Symposiums

These two- to three-day conferences deal with the themes of reform, technology, politics, health, finance and the economy. To supplement these, special workshops are also held on banking, film and EU-networking, as well as a ‘Tyrol day’ and a ‘University day’ which features the scientific achievements of the Tyrolians.

Alpbach Summer School

The Summer School courses, which are dedicated to theme “European Law and European Integration” are focused on students in the higher levels of their university study and on young graduates.

The programme of the European Forum Alpbach is accompanied by an extensive art and culture programme. In exhibitions, concerts and performances young artists in particular are given the possibility to present their work to the public at the Forum.

In addition, there are the spontaneously organised “Fireside chats” during which controversial subjects can be openly discussed with prominent personalities.

The participation of young people is made possible through a scholarship programme which is financed through donations from foundations, businesses and public spending. The success of this initiative is demonstrated in the annual participation of around 500 scholarship holders. Of the utmost importance are the Alpbach Initiative Groups and Clubs, which are made up of participants of the European Forum Alpbach and which exist in numerous European countries.

The European Forum Albach is organized by the association which is called by the same name and is directed by Dr. Franz Fischler. The office, which is located in Vienna, prepares the annual Forum together with the cooperation partners and organises a series of special events about current societal and political issues which are carried out in different places in Austria and the neighbouring countries throughout the year.

You can get to know more about EFA by reading this or visiting the official website www.alpbach.org.